Consolidating data multiple excel files

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Do While File Name "" ' Open a workbook in the folder Set Work Bk = Workbooks. Value = File Name ' Set the source range to be A9 through C9. Merge Add-In and Other Merge Macros You may need merge capability, but not have the need or want to write VBA code.

Open(Folder Path & File Name) ' Set the cell in column A to be the file name. In this case, de Bruin has created a utility for merging in Excel that is in the form of an add-in called RDB_Merge.

Often, it is useful to merge specific data elements into one workbook. Count ' Close the source workbook without saving changes. Close savechanges:=False ' Use Dir to get the next file name. Auto Fit End Sub The new workbook that you create with this code example will contain a row for each file in the directory. You can find the last row with the method, which returns a range of cells that match a specified criterion. In contrast, the article written by de Bruin contains more complex VBA code examples.

If it is not equal to then it copies the input data and concatenate to Consolidated Worksheet. The ranges in all worksheets are concatenated into the consolidated Worksheet(final Worksheet) one after another in rows wise. Enable Screen Updating and Events With Application . Enable Events = True End With End Sub Below are the two user defined functions which we have created to find the last row and last column of the given worksheet. If data is not available in the Source Worksheet(i.e Input Worksheet) , data will not be updated in the consolidated Worksheet. Count Then Msg Box "There are not enough rows to place the data in the Consolidate_Data worksheet." Go To If Error End If '5.4: Copy data to the 'consolidated_data' Work Sheet Src Rng. We have called these functions in the above procedure at step 5.1 and 5.2. We have to find the valid data range in each worksheet and append to the newly created master sheet at the end of the row. Name Then '5.1: Find the last row on the 'Consolidate_Data' sheet Dst Row = fn_Last Row(Dst Sht) 1 '5.2: Find Input data range Lst Row = fn_Last Row(Sht) Lst Col = fn_Last Column(Sht) En Range = Sht. 'In this example we are finding the last Row of specified Sheet Function fn_Last Row(By Val Sht As Worksheet) Dim last Row As Long last Row = Sht. Let me explain the key steps to develop this project. Loop through each Work Sheet in the workbook and copy the data to the 'Consolidate_Data' Work Sheet For Each Sht In Active Workbook.

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We are going to write a procedure (Consolidate_Data_From_Different_Sheets_Into_Single_Sheet) with the below approach.

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