Competing compromising collaborating avoiding accommodating baby consolidating naps to one nap

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Competing compromising collaborating avoiding accommodating

Any library and archives workers and supporters of those are invited to attend and join. We will be holding elections for the Executive this year.

All positions are up for election and we need at least one new Executive member, as John and Trish are both stepping down.

The ten ways are: I will state upfront that this is a personal recommendation, not an official NWTLA endorsement.

If you know of similar or other free education opportunities that you would like to share, please feel free to do so in the comments.

Patrons never hesitated to ask for materials and advice.

Vera was always ready with a quick answer and if a question required further research, she never hesitated to take the time to come up with the results.

She never made anyone feel like they were wasting her time!

I wanted to share some of things I learned and ideas I picked up during my time there. Membership forms are available here (and at the meeting) and fees have not changed.New members are always welcome, so please feel free to pass this message along to colleagues who are not currently members.These included: Quiet, Please: Conflict Resolution and De-Escalation This session was mostly on conflict resolution in personal relationships (i.e., among family, between spouses, or with a co-worker).There were some interesting models to determine your conflict resolution style and ways to de-escalate conflict situations. Chosen an appropriate and neutral time and place to discuss the problem. Start positive with a genuine compliment about what you appreciate about the other person. Identify the one specific behaviour that is causing the problem.

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When Tai Chi does the dinner for the Seniors Society AGM, she is right there shopping and peeling potatoes.