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Classical music lovers dating site

The carefully-restored love nest of Leipzig’s most creative couple, Robert and Clara Schumann, is now a museum dedicated to their work.

During the pair's four year tenancy, the Schumanns hosted luminaries like Hans Christian Andersen, Franz Liszt and Felix Mendelssohn.

Bach was cantor, a role that saw him spending most of his time composing choral cantatas for church services.

He held that role until his death in 1750 - look for the out for the bronze plate near the altar marking his final resting place. Thomas Boys Choir is one of the oldest and most respected of its kind.

If you’re in town during July or August, you can also catch their open-air shows every Monday at 7pm.We’ve narrowed down four of the city's must-see sites for music lovers.Thomaskirche has been musically and culturally significant in Leipzig for over 800 years, but its association with Johann Sebastian Bach remains its biggest claim to fame.Alice Mary Smith boldly went where few women of her time would dare and wrote not one but two full-blown symphonies. The piece that's proposed for today's date comes from an opera - Roland - by Jean-Baptiste Lully.Air, Deux insulaires is an intricately elegant Baroque diversion in 3/4 time.

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With the contributions of Grieg and Mahler, the city's musical history reads like a who's who of German composers.