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Chypre dating site in 2016

The Republic of Cyprus is an island country in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, with the northern division of the island belonging to Turkey.

A member of the EU, Cyprus gained independence from the UK in 1960 and has been divided since 1974 when, following a military coup, Turkey invaded the north.

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Though now peaceful, a symbolic UN peacekeeping force still controls the buffer zone between the two regions, although new peace talks in 2017 seem to promise a resolution. The island has an average of 340 days of sunshine a year, beautiful beaches and impressive archaeological sites, all of which attract around 2 million tourists each year.

Cyprus is divided into 6 major areas: Nicosia, Famagusta, Kyrenia, Larnaca, Limassol and Paphos.

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Same-sex activity is legal and there are limited anti-discrimination laws.

Similar anti-discrimination protection came into force in Northern Cyprus in 2014, although gay life continues to be discreet with very few openly gay venues.

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Nicosia is the capital city and the last ‘divided capital’ in the world. To the north is the capital of Northern Cyprus (recognised only by Turkey).