Christian books on interracial dating

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Egalitarian propaganda has so efficaciously transformed our minds in the last several decades that even the slightest resistance to it – even a father’s stating a mere against it – is deemed the unforgivable sin.

But given the historical Christian witness against miscegenation, this Pavlovian moral indignation deserves a new assessment.

I ceded that miscegenation would be morally legitimate in that circumstance, but continued to state the irrelevance of that thought experiment to the question of miscegenation’s permissibility in our ordinary lives.

Against this concession, however, some zealous pro-white advocates take umbrage at the idea that miscegenation could ever be permissible, perhaps believing that such a concession is a denial of miscegenation’s intrinsic immorality.

In that article, I essentially argued that miscegenation is wrong in ordinary circumstances, though I did not explicate very deeply what is meant by that.

I am not a random black guy standing in the way of a white woman pushing her stroller, but thanks anyway for watching out to make sure she has a clear path to walk with the baby!

) Interracial dating “can be a little tricky,” comedian Phoebe Robinson says.

Interracial marriages are on the rise and the growth is expected to continue, according to a 2015 Pew report.

Despite increased visibility, there is still a lot missing from the conversation on interracial relationships.

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Pinckley was photographing a white woman and her black boyfriend when the woman’s mother told Pinckley that people often make horrible comments about their relationship.

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