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Childless by choice dating

Just as there are a myriad of reasons that 40 year old woman do not have children. they are NOT, so that's another factor Sometimes your children might like the guy and behave OKbut if they don't .....know what they do. I bet you have never met one of those guys who has 5 different baby mamas? I do wonder though when they express interest that our life experiences will be quite different and possibly incompatible - yet they go on as if it's not an issue.Additionally it makes me wonder about their ability to commit and/or their degree of selfishness.Relieved, we continued dating for several years before we got married, both in our early 20s.From the moment we announced our engagement, the pressure began: “So, when can we expect to see a little Melody or Matthew running around? I, on the other hand, confronted the question head on.But once I say this out loud, people invariably try to convince me that raising a kid is easier than I think. Given the almost unanimously negative responses I’ve received regarding my decision to remain childless, I’ve actually considered feigning infertility.That way at least people wouldn’t feel compelled to pressure me into joining the band of breeders.It could also mean though, as you suggest, they may just be more prudent which is not a bad thing.I am really curious how they missed having children or getting married.

He thanked me for the heads up and said he could easily do without them as well.

Could you men in your 40s explain why is it you never had children (those that don't)?

How and why do you think you can relate to a woman that has children?

“Never” was my standard response, and it always evoked laugher.

Nobody could imagine that someone would not to procreate.

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Many men purposely choose NOT to have often because of job issues, school, lifestyle, economics...child-bearing/rearing can be put on hold...remember that men don't have so-called biologic clocks like women.secondly, don't make the mistake of thinking that these men have few women to choose from!