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Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. On the 18th of April the armament set sail from Plymouth, consisting of ISO vessels and 21,000 men, under the command of Sir Francis Drake and Sir John Norris. Your virtues &med by your fortunes, and fortunes renowned by your virtues, thrice-honourable generals, together with the admiration the world hath worthily conceived of your worthiness, have at this time encouraged me, a man not unknown to many of your brave and forward followers, captains, and soldiers, to send my short Farevtdl to our English forces, Whereunto I have annexed an old poem of mine own, The Tah of Troy^ a pleasant discourse, fitly serving to recreate by the reading the chivalry of England ; to whom, as to your ingenious judgments, I dedicate the same ; that good minds, inflamed with honourable reports of their ancestry, may imitate their glory in highest adventures, and my coun- trymen, funed through the world for resolution and fortitude, may march in equipage of honour and arms with their glorious and renowned predecessors, the Trojans. 603 ami M 860 ancients 494 apaid 881 f4pro Te8 638 argoleto 423 arrest 628 as bard as the world g OM . 449 astoned 6^6 att«mpt 602 attonoe 862 a-wark 638 Ajmon, Bona of .

Marks, notations and other marginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. A minute detail of the disasters which ensued would hero be out of place ; suffice it to say, that about eleven thou^nd persons perished in this expedition, and of the eleven hundred gentlemen who accompanied it, only three hundred and fifty returned to their native country. It presents a text differing greatly from that of od. Beseeching God mercifully and miraculously, as hitherto he hath done, to defend fair England, that her soldiers may in their departure be fortunate and in their return triumphant, GEO. K 2 Digitized by Google Digitized by Lj OOQIC A FAREWELL ENTITt JLED TO THE FAMOUS AND FORTUNATE GENERALS OF OUR ENGLISH FORCES, Etc. aboard amain, With stretching Bails to plough the swelliog waves : Bid England's shore and Albion's chalky cliffs Farewell ; bid stately Troynovant adieu, Where pleasant Thames from Isia* silver head Begins her quiet glide, and runs along To that brave bridge, the bar that thwarts her course, Near neighbour to the ancient stony Tower, ITie glorious hold that Julius Caesar built. Bid Mahomet, Scipio,* and mighty Tamburlaine,t King Charlemagne,^ Tom Stukeley,§ and the rest, Adieu. With noble Norris, and victorious Drake, Under the sangume cross, brave England's badge. And hew a passage with your conquering swords By land and sea, wherever Phosbus' eye, Th' eternal lamp of heaven, lends us light; By golden Tagus, or the western Inde, Or through the spacious bay of Portugal, The wealthy ocean-main, the Tyrrhene sea.

But yet when he calde to minde that want was a great stiunbling-blocke, and sawe the necessitie that Isabel was in by the absence of Francesco, he thought gold would bee a readie meanes to gaine a womans good will, and therefore dispayred not of obtaining his purpose." " Being the chiefe bourgomaster in all the citie, he determined to make a priuie search for some suspected person ; and being master of the watch himselfe, to goe vp into her chamber, and there to discouer the depth of his desire ; so he thought to ioyne loue and opporttmitie in one union, and with his oflfice and his age to wipe out all suspition." One night, accordingly, he puts this plan into execution, gains admittance into Isabe Vs chamber, and endeavours to overcome her chastity : his fortime, he tells her, shall be at her command if she consent to his wishes ; but, if Digitized by Google 16 ACCOUNT OF R GREENE AND HIS WRITINGS. bones of God, zeest, There will be more looking at thee than our Sir John the parish -priest ; Why, every body will ask whose boy thou'rt; an cha can tell thee this by the way. by this princes may see That, like man, like talk, in eveiy degree. Thra, My lords, pursue her speedily, she cannot far be gone ; And, lo, himself to seek her out, your king he will be one. How that a prince for to delude such engines they do frame. Tkrc L Whaty varlet, dar*st thou be so bold with words in such a case For to upbraid thy lord and king ? Thro, Thou braggest all too boldly still : what hight § thy name, express. Where heavenly nectar flows above the banks; Such pastures are not common to be seen : Pay to immortal Jove immortal thanks, • Kind] i. The holy law ; and bootless we contend, While this chaste nymph this fountain doth defend. Seeing, then, citizens of Caerbranck, such a curtizan as this may vnder the colour of holines shrowd much preiudice, and allure many of our youth to mischiefes, I thought it my duety to bring her into open infamie, that she may be punished for her fault, knowen for a harlot, and from hencefoorth line dispised and hated of al L For proofe that shee hath Hued long in this leawd kinde of life, this yoimg man shall here before you all make present deposition ' : and with that he reacht him a bible ; whereon he swore that hee had long time conuerst dishonestly with Isabel, euer since the departure of her husband. At which oath people that were iim)iu B in the cause, beleeuing the protestation of Bernardo and the deposition of the youth, presently found hir guiltie ; and then Bernardo and the rest of the burgomasters gaue iudgement, that she should presently haue some open and seuere punishment, and after be banished out of the town." She now prays aloud, calling for succour on the deity who knows her innocence ; and almost immediately after, " hee which had accused Isabel start vp as a man limaticke, and cried out vnto the people, * Thus I haue sinned, men of Caerbranck, I haue sinned : the thought of mj present periurie is a hell to my conscience ; for I haue swome falsly against the innocent, and haue consented to condemne Isabel without cause ' : and with that hee discourst at the barre how Signor Bernardo had suborned him against the gentlewoman, and how in all his life before he neuer was in her companie." Isabel, of course, is set free, while Bernardo is punished by a great fine, to be paid to her, and declared incapable of ever bearing any office in the city. L L 2 Digitized by Lj OOQIC 516 SIR CLYOMON AND SIR CLAMYDES. A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. 255 Ktripjied 153 swads 292 swink 129 Ubles 193 taint 154 tall 138 teasers 153 than 206 tho 198 threap 1S7 timely 161 tiro 288 to 193 treat 100 ' PAGE truchmen i:90 i umbles 177 unless 227 ure 225 I vado SOS va U 107 veney 175 I where 145 I whereas 130 whig 804 while 127 whilst 1« whist 201 white 133 whittle 320 will 213 witch 2n2 wood 101 wooued 194 yeamful 277 y-blent 298 y-clepcd . .800 Digitized by Googk INDEX TO THE NOTES ON PEELE. Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. Ou the back of the title are the arms of Elizabeth, with the motto "Sempei' eadcm,** and under them theao verses; " Qallia victa deditfiores, inukta Leones Anglia : ius belli inflore, leone sxtuui : sic semper ferai Elxzdbetha triumphos, Indyta Ga Uorumflore leone suo/' In 1589, while the public exultation at the defeat of the Spanish Armada had not yet subsided, a band ot gallant adventurers (excited chiefly by the desire of gain or glory) fitted out, almost entirely at their own expense, a fleet for an exiedition to Portugal, for the declared purpose of seating on the throne of that country the baatard Don Antonio, who had taken refuge in England. Digitized by Google THE MOST FAMOUS GENERALS OF OUR ENGLISH FORCES BY LAND AND SEA, SIR JOHN NORRIS AND SIR FRANCIS DRAKE, KNIGHTS. PAOS ah A 617 ochived 497 accoyed 502 a-lifo 619 almain 868 all amort 89*2 allesato 610 amat« 606 ambodexter ....

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