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For all their absolute resolve, they're hiding something.

Time Travel AUThe night after Harry loses Sirius, he discovers that Hogwarts holds a secret older than time and discovers he has much in common with one that earned the title: "Demon's Bane." AU Valdemar/HP cross Slash with canon pairings. No, it had to be his eccentric former rival, eventual best friend, and far too often partner in chaos Harry Potter.

After it is Tales Through Time followed by Tales of the Desert.

Flesh To Metal Version 1 is either going to be a massively long story or have two other parts to go with it.

More Inside When an old man with the Open Open fruit offers Luffy the chance to redo his adventure, he takes it. Xanxus has always known he was adopted, long before he was taken in by the Vongola. As he struggles to make his own way in the Vongola family, his past begins to catch up to him.

I'm about ninety five percent comfortable with that order by the way, definitely for the first five.Poll: The Pirate's Tailor has won the poll but I still have a dilenma I need to solve before it's time for the other potential story. Tv Shows, Harry Potter, Sailor Moon, How to Train Your Dragon, Pokémon, Wreck-It Ralph, Transformers/Beast Wars, Digimon, Star Wars, Fire Emblem, One Piece, Hercules, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and My Little Pony.(Green Lantern/Transformers Prime crossover, last on potential stories) Should I keep the powers given the same or condense the 'upgrades? Well, my 2017 New Year's Resolution of posting a chapter a week has been met. I intend to try and keep that momentum up but will not be growing an ulcer if I can't make the deadline anymore.But after I reach the end of Prime for the other two versions I'm going to replace one with Jack O Lantern while the other one I've got some more Flesh To ideas to work on.Flesh to Data (SAO), Flesh to Mon (One Piece with Starter Pokemon Devil Fruit thanks to a bored R. B.), Flesh to Aura (RWBY) Flesh To Magic (Harry Potter), and finally Flesh to Spirit (Bleach)Tyrant of the Sea: Would be like Flesh to Mon but only Tyrantium line with character crossovers.

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