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You don't know anything about them or even what age they are until you go to Fernando's.'It's actually a bit like a blind date but you know what the person looks like.' In Roscoe's case, he only discovered Debi was 40 once they were sipping drinks on the beach.The master tapes of the ABC daytime episodes are believed to have been erased after broadcast.However at least 25 daytime episodes survive including one with John Ritter as the bachelor (this episode is from 1967).After being matched in the studio, contestants are kept apart until the start of their first date on 'Fernando's'.

A Take Me Out contestant has lifted the lid on what really goes on behind the scenes of the popular dating show.

Promiscuous friendships and promiscuous sexual intercourses captured the meanings of our lives.

The meaning of love, the reason to stay together, the reflections on each others' personalities, the explorations on each others' characteristic properties don't make sense any more.

This show has screened all over the world's most watched TV channels till 2000s.

In early 1990s' under the title "Saklambaç", it was also introduced in Turkey, as well; thanks to the unforgettable episodes with the host Nurseli Idiz.

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Once there, couples are followed by a camera crew as they have their first date.

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