Capriati dating bone

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Capriati dating bone

I love meeting new people and embracing different things in my life and pushing forward.

Of course when I get to play and be the person that I am as a DJ, that’s who I really am. But obviously in our lives, you’ll never see me do that again.

It’s a really happy bond between all of us, which accentuates itself onto the dancefloor. That’s when you get DJs working alongside other DJs. I think the music industry needs to show a bit more collectiveness. I want to bust out that record that you’ve never heard before and rock the dancefloor.

They’re all my mates, I love them for whatever he or she does and they’re playing in front of an audience that I have created. And for me that's why it’s called Pure and it’s why I really want people to come.

Especially being at the age that I am I mean I don’t feel like I’m 54, I don’t feel the age. I couldn’t believe that we had made it to this point with the music, with what we were doing. It was being internet broadcasted to the rest of the world.I think people know that if you book me, I’ve got a 100% turn-up rate and I’ll be there to rock your house. But the thing is for me, I have given a lot of my heart and soul to what I’ve created.I think people know that at the end of the day that I have lived and breathed this for 28 years. And now I think it’s time for me to take a little step back and have my own time and my own life.So I’m saying, here’s my audience and you take it away. Not because it’s just another party, but because I believe that I know what you want, and I can bring that to the table.They’re yours for the next two or three or four hours. And if you’re there for the right reasons, you’re going to have the best time.

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