Cancer star sign dating dating boyfriend for 10 months

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Cancer star sign dating

By being defensive, it means that you are putting up a wall.By being defensive, you’re trying to protect yourself emotionally.There is no such thing as a pain-free relationship. People often do the wrong things at the wrong time. That’s just part of the risk that we take being in a relationship. Even your happiest friends who are in relationships, experience pain in their relationship. If you’re in a relationship and you’re opening yourself up intimately to this person, you are putting yourself out there; you are being vulnerable and guess what, you will get hurt from time to time. Cancers spend a good deal of time worrying about their families and, even more so, about money. Many Cancer are small traders and many more work in teaching or in the caring professions.They have a feel for history, perhaps collecting historical mementoes, and their memories are excellent.

It’s very easy to look at Cancer people as basically putting on a show.

If you step on their toes one too many times, they basically just wall you off emotionally.

They’re still friendly, don’t get me wrong, but the friendship will never progress past a certain point.

This doesn’t mean it has to collapse overnight like the Berlin Wall, but learn to listen to your partner. But people always send out signals so it’s always a good idea to have really your antenna up and really pick up on these signals and understand people for who they truly are.

Learn to know when it’s safe to kind of chip away at the wall you’ve erected around yourself.

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