Can 17 year old get trouble dating 14 year old

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Both of those can be invisible to parents, so it becomes crucial to establish a code of conduct for them.Video chat also needs strong boundaries, as do the videos that kids create and upload.But even as we rely on experts, we know that all kids grow and mature differently.Our age-based reviews and ratings are a guide -- but ultimately, you're still the expert when it comes to your kids.

Kids this age should be encouraged to balance cyber social time with real social time; parents should watch out for screen-addictive behavior replacing real contact.If you have some specific legal questions about sex, the age of consent or anything else then you could try talking to the Children’s Legal Centre – they are a free service that can give young people expert advice on a whole range of legal issues. The way our kids consume and create media profoundly affects their social, emotional, and physical development.At this age, teens' intellectual powers allow for perception and insight.Their sense of humor changes, and they can grasp abstract relationships and double entendres.

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They're also intensely interested in/concerned by their peers and what their peers think of them -- from their appearance to their actions (i.e. This will likely coincide with teens' focus shifting away from their family and an increasing tendency to be dramatic (as well as a possible risk for developing anti-social behavior).