Brandi carlile amy ray dating weekend dating mumbai

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Brandi carlile amy ray dating

The set closing “The Story” found her practically screaming the final chorus over crashing drums and soaring harmonies from the Hanseroth Twins.

Despite the obvious Rock & Roll flare of most of the show, Brandi was not shy about showing off her folk and country roots to this East Tennessee crowd.

I didn’t get to attend this performance, but luckily someone caught it on video. You can view a brief video and download a free track from So Runs the World Away at Josh’s website.

“Change of Time” sounds like a perfect introduction to the new album.

"I Didn't" is a waltz, and one of the most searing numbers on the set; a tale of two lovers whose obstacles leave them at the point of separation.

Ray's protagonist has been militant in her resolve to claim responsibility for her side of the street in the messiness of this love -- but no more.

Sad as it is, with a backing vocal chorus by Brandi Carlile and My Morning Jacket's Yim Yames, it sounds like anything but.

"Glow" is a short, charging, hooky rocker that expresses no regrets about living fast, no matter the cost.

I somehow failed to notice that when I first mentioned Dawn here a few weeks ago.

Dawn Landes: Sweetheart Rodeo (Buy Album) ***Rilo Kiley’s long time drummer Jason Boesel granted an interview to Paste Magazine last week in which he says new music is on the way from everyone’s favorite indie band fronted by child actors. Of course, to me, any new Rilo Kiley is good Rilo Kiley. Boesel also says Rilo Kiley vocalist Jenny Lewis is working on another new solo album away from the band.

She’s working again with her boyfriend Jonathan Rice who was heavily involved in 2008’s Acid Tongue.

On Lung of Love, Amy Ray's fourth studio solo album, she explores her rock and Americana roots far more deeply than she did on Indigo Girls' 2011 album Beauty Queen Sister.

While she's no hard rocker, Ray's always been the edgier half of the duo musically.

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