Book speed dating worksheet

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Book speed dating worksheet

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I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Tiffany Whitehead, aka The Mighty Little Librarian, Mrs.Additionally, I commandeered my student assistant, who was the most voracious reader of the bunch, to be my co-organizer.Kari and I shared a Google Doc and added all our online finds and ideas and after about two weeks, we completed our plan, promotions, and layout for Book Speed Dating 2014.The Promotion and Layout We made a variety of small and large posters and hung them in the English Hallways.Announcements littered the airwaves each week and curious students examined the display case outside the library. After a quick trip to the store to secure candy hearts, streamers, and red plastic table cloths, I recruited a crew of students to yank books and organize them by genre tables.

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