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It took a long, long time, but now it finally happened. Though the house is not oceanfront (it’s not even in Point Dume), it’s got a negative-edge swimming-slash-wading pool with a sea backdrop.

You may recall a couple months ago, when Yolanda was discussing the I-am-very-rich-bitch Mr. The sensuously and unusually curved combo dining room/living room has concrete floors, a Prince-approved purple wall and a grand piano that allows the player to look directly out the massive glass-paned windows, over Point Dume, and to the clear ocean view beyond. The kitchen, while a bit too stark for Yolanda’s particular tastes, certainly makes a statement with its sleek blackened cabinets, chunky white marble (?

) put the property up for sale in August 2015 with a (very) optimistic ,250,000 pricetag. Reznor listed this house for sale, several media outlets erroneously reported the property was owned by fellow musician Jakob Dylan. Alas, with no takers, the ask was slashed multiple times. The master bedroom is done-done-done up but good with dark wood floors, a fireplace, and a sitting area.

We’re not entirely sure what caused all the confusion, but Yolanda does know for a fact that Mr. The austere master bath sports a rectangular soaking tub and a glass-enclosed shower with rainfall showerhead plus a couple more nozzles. Reznor had built a very deluxe and no-doubt expensive children’s play area that Yolanda would have loved to have had as a young gal.

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Trent Reznor’s new $17 million pad in Mandeville Canyon, we mentioned that he also owned an ocean view house just above Malibu’s coveted Point Dume area that he was having a real devil of a time unloading. Reznor paid $4,250,000 in 2011 for the 5,941 square foot single-story contemporary on 2.16 acres in 2011. And it’s $1.3 million more than he paid five years ago. Reznor was desperate to unload this place and would take a big discount off the then-ask of $5,950,000. Just a few weeks later, the place sells for another $400k off! ) countertops, and top-of-the-line stainless steel appliances.

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