Black women intimidating good questions to ask a girl speed dating

Posted by / 12-Jan-2018 17:51

Halle Berry won her Oscar for best actress in Monster’s Ball by portraying a Jezebel and Monique won her Oscar in Precious for portraying the welfare queen stereotype and the immoral Black mother stereotype.Now, all of these women are beautiful and talented…but it’s just sad to me that the only time a Black actress receives any recognition in Hollywood is when she is portraying these roles.Black women in Hollywood are portrayed as unappealing as possible.Viola Davis is an attractive woman, but they made her look homely in that movie…why I don’t know…As if ALL Black women who were maids were unappealing.This just goes to show that Hollywood is obviously offended and threatened by beautiful, articulate and non-stereotypical portrayals of Black women.I believe images like this one are the types of images Hollywood likes to see of Black women: Let’s analyze this still from Martin Lawrence’s Big Momma’s House 2: IMAGE FROM MARTIN LAWRENCE, BIG MOMMA HOUSE 2 We’ve got the mammy caricature in the obese, elderly Black woman who is laying on the beach contrasted with the thin, blonde and appealing white women.

This same mentality persists to this day and it’s evidenced in Hollywood.

They’re all beautiful, articulate and intelligent Black actresses who don’t conform to society’s stereotypes of Black womanhood.

Nicole Beharie played the sh*t out of her role in American Violet, but for some reason, that movie hardly received any mainstream recognition or accolades and it was based on a true story.

But still, in this photo we’re mocking the Black woman for imitating the beauty that was stolen from her in the first place… The big lips on Angelina Jolie are God’s gift to the world, but Black women have always had lips like that, Kim Kardashian and J.

Lo’s booties are praised like they’re the first and only women to have that body type, when MANY Black women have always had that body shape NATURALLY…but that’s how they do us…

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