Bengali sex vedoi yx

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Bengali sex vedoi yx

k a s t r u - castru-, k a - stru Tuf castruo I 149, n 119, III 232. p i f e pirse p i f i pirsi p e r e perse I 34, III 338. Index of Authors Addenda and Corrigenda Paere 74 142 36 25 114 112 173 113 174 112 174 149 142 145 96 142 104 115 125 138 139 140 142 142 150 25 116 40 74 145 104 75 160 150 174 103 103 173 139 74 Modern Persian . Ogam inscriptions Old British Old Church Slavonic Old Saxon . • \r CORNELL UNIVERSITY LIBRARY CORNELL UNIVERSITY LIBRARY 924 087 937 847 COi MPARATl VE GRAMMAR OF THE INDO-GERMANIC LANGUAGES.

SOME TIME FELLOW OF CHRIST's COLLEGE, CAMBRIDGE, ASSISTANT MASTER AT CHELTENHAM COLLEGE. If it contained all the processes described, in the same detail as we find in the indices to our periodicals, or in any other conceivable form , not only would this have taken up much space, but what is more to the point, it would have been hardly easier to find one's way about by means of the index than can be done by aid of the very full Table of Contents to Volume I. Body, parts of the: suffixes to express these II 105. — Sanskrit: mihird- from the Persian, Addenda I 223. Order of the letters : a a i i n u r f I e ai o att h , Jc Jch g gh n c cli / jh n t th d dh n t th d dh n p pli b hh m y r I V s s s h. TSTTaoeg rs TTaoaxovra see Tsaaa Qsg reaaaga- xovra.

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(b) Middle and Modern English, barefooted bareheaded II 234.

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