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Bender and amy dating

In 2017, Landry landed in the role as Zoey in the adventure film A World Away.Kif breaks up with Amy when she begins showing interest in "bad boys", which leads her to become attracted to Bender.

It was released in the United States and Canada, on December 21, 2010, and on UK DVD on boxing day 2011.Devastated, Fry creates a robot replica of Leela with all her memories uploaded into it to continue their newfound relationship.However, the real Leela reawakens from her coma and gets into a fight with the robot Leela over Fry.The two witness Earth's apparent destruction and decide to repopulate the human race à la Adam and Eve.At this point, however, Leela notices that some "fruit" Zapp had given her was actually trail mix Fry gave her, and Zapp confesses that everything was merely an elaborate scheme, including the Earth's destruction which was faked using a holographic projector from their ship, for her to think better of him and have sex with him.

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A rogue death sphere called the V-GINY, bent on censoring and destroying planets it deems to be indecent, is headed for Earth.

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