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Backdating benefit

It says: New clause 2 seeks to overturn clause 72 and introduce an alternative provision.Clause 72 could lead to greater homelessness and greater public expenditure.

So, if needed, it will a simple matter for tenants to prove that they have made a claim.

It takes an extra £60 million from the poorest households in the country, penalises them for ignorance of the system, takes £14 million off pensioners and takes £18 million from disabled people.

The losers include 100,000 people on income support.

Clause 72, which new clause 2 seeks to overturn— Clause 72 further restricts people's rights when they claim their benefits late.

It goes even further than the Conservatives were prepared to go.

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Overall, the form is quicker and clearer than the old paper version and the organisations that have helped us with testing are all really pleased with it.

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