Aura color dating

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Aura color dating

Many psychics can often see who is about to win an award on celebrity award shows by looking at the nominated members of the audience for bursts of an orange glow.

Men emitting purple auras are made most tense by yellow.

A man in an angry mood is around colors that clash with his aura.

Simple knowledge of the color wheel will allow you to quickly deduce your man's aura without having to develop grand psychic powers.

Everyone has an aura – the pulsating energy of your psyche.

That is who a black aura emanates from: a liar, a con, and, well, worse.A blue aura is prominent wherever learning takes place.A good teacher will actually turn the auras of his or her pupils into a blue aura.The color of your man's clothing can reveal his aura – if he is usually a passive man and suddenly is agitated and uncomfortable, the color of his clothes is clashing with his aura.Knowing this, you can then determine what his aura's color is.

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Watch how your man reacts to color changes as you two move about locations on a date.

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