Android widgets not updating

Posted by / 04-Oct-2017 14:13

Any idea what would cause ALL of my homescreen widgets to stop updating i.e. I'm completely stock & un-rooted, and when this issue first came up I did a factory reset but the problem still comes up out of nowhere.Everything will be working fine and then out of nowhere they all stop updating.Setting Dashing.debug Mode = true I can see the data is making it as far as the browser, but the widgets fail to update.Hitting refresh in the browser causes the page to load with the correct values. Most widgets have data inserted via a curl request, although one is using a job. After a while all widgets do not update anymore, which is also visible in the updated At Message. Widget.receive Data (anonymous function) (anonymous function) Connection error Connection opened For us, there are no errors at the console at all - with debug mode on you can even see the new data coming in, but the data doesn't updated.

When a browser has the dashboard page open for some time, some widgets fail to update.Here are the widgets I use: Fancy Widget Switch Pro Android Pro Widgets Batt Statt Pro I've been using these same widgets for at least three years, and over three different devices, and this has never been a problem, which makes me think it's something weird with Kit Kat.At this point I'm removing widgets one by one to see if I can narrow it down, but it is so f-ing frustrating because everything will be fine for a day or two and then WHAM all of my homescreen widgets just lock up and the only way to get them to update again is to reboot the device which is a pain in my ass.There were updates to Apex in the meantime, perhaps its that. In any case, I finally feel like my S5 is glitch free and functioning as a next-gen device should. But since installing Nova launcher two weeks ago I haven't had a single issue with home screen widgets freezing.My friend with Go Launcher is also seeing the same impact - the issue is gone. Originally Posted by Guzmantis I hesitate to respond for fear of tempting fate . I am also experiencing truly great battery life now, but I'm not sure if Nova had anything to do with that since I made a number of other tweaks I'd done trying to fix the widget issue.

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