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Viscount Mabrey reveals his nephew, Lord Devereaux, is another heir to the Genovian throne.Despite Queen Clarisse's objection, the only way Mia can assume her duties as Queen is if she marries within the month.Mabrey plans to have Nicholas woo Mia and dissolve the engagement.For a ceremony, Mia is to ride sidesaddle, but is inexperienced.Everyone is impressed by her act of generosity, while Mabrey sees it as a political maneuver.Mia later decides to convert one of the royal palaces into a temporary children's center.During Mia's twenty first birthday party, she dances with all the eligible bachelors in hope of finding a husband.She becomes attracted to a handsome gentleman named Nicholas.

Nicholas decides against attending, but his surly housekeeper, Gretchen, informs him that Mabrey engineered their televised scandal.Andrew is disappointed and kisses Mia to see if there is a romantic spark between them.They realize that they do not love each other, but do not call off the wedding for the good of Genovia.That night, Mia has her bachelorette party, where Queen Clarisse surfs on a mattress and sings a duet with Princess Asana, one of Mia's good friends.In the meantime, Mabrey realizes Nicholas has fallen for Mia, but Nicholas says that Mia will never love him.

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Most of the cast returned from the first film, including Julie Andrews, Anne Hathaway, Héctor Elizondo, Heather Matarazzo, and Larry Miller.