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Anastasia dating commercial

It is there to detect scam, remove scammers and reimburse clients if a scam has happened.99% of the time we prevent scam via our robust interview process, use of our internal black list, profile moderation process, telephone interview process and other internal procedures.The service can also be used from your Android or iphone. Any confusion over pricing can easily be addressed to our Customer Service Team which works round the clock.Anti Scam Anastasia has the most effective anti-scam team within the International Dating industry.We recommend that all clients use common sense, and do not commit to marriage until they have at least met the Lady which whom they are corresponding.

Our task is to change that, so that they develop relationships with our male clients.We spend an enormous amount of time and money in developing the brand and the image of the site to our female members, so that our male clients find the best selection of female clients possible.Anastasia has the highest brand recognition and recall rate amongst Ladies in Ukraine than any other International Dating site.Occasionally we do detect scam, and it is to our credit that we take action and remove scammers when we detect them.No site is perfect, but we strive to achieve 100% in scam detection.

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