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” She was saved from bar work by a steady trickle of parts – a sketch show here (The Kevin Bishop Show) and an episode of Stacked there. And it wasn’t just her legs that won over the fans.

Scandinavian biologists say American and European lobsters are crossbreeding and their offspring can survive in European waters, but it is too early to tell if the hybrids can reproduce.

• North American lobsters are not red until cooked; in the water, they are greenish-brown.

The heat of cooking destroys all pigments except for red.

“It’s funny – some British people get angry because I’m not out drinking and I’m being really proactive with my downtime. Never mind her strict sun avoidance, she can’t drive, and has no intention of learning. And she’s not convinced by the whole hot yoga thing. “It was a new beginning, because nobody knew me in Edinburgh,” she says. Yeah, I was one of those.” After a year in Edinburgh, she left for London and the fabled Italia Conti stage school. Italia Conti had a rule against students working in their first year, but Gillan wasn’t having it.

“I tried Bikram once, but I wasn’t any good,” she says. “But I probably went too far the other way, and became really outgoing. But she didn’t like it there, so after a few months she left again. “But the vibe didn’t feel very creative to me really. Her career was starting, and that was all there was to it.

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Susanne Eriksson of the University of Gothenberg in Sweden and Ann-Lisbeth Agnalt of the Institute of Marine Research in Norway presented their findings on the threat that American lobsters found in the northeast Atlantic Ocean pose to their smaller European cousins Tuesday during the second day of the International Conference and Workshop on Lobster Biology & Management in Portland.

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