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Until then, this article is neither useful nor truthful.We made a site that has absolute no notability other than its traffic (how manty porn sites do you find notable because of their traffic? Instead of saying that it spams and harvests emails or not saying anything at all, we now lead people to believe that the site is quite safe... I was tempted to reply something uncivil but I will just once again point out that user opinions are not fact, they are opinions.I think the corporate HQ is enough for the infobox, no?Wikipedia should not be used to make Badoo more legitimate!!! Thanks for litening, Yours, multiple-time carefully selected nominee and, without my permission, multiple time member of the Badoo private club.Fact: it is indisputably based on unsolicited emails.The article should reflect the truth in a factual way. On the other hand the very existence of the article may be soapbox because it is written in such a way as to promote the company.

For the benefit of your own edification, please be advised that Badoo's "user recruitig" operates exactly as the one for Tagged (Tagged is even higher on the Alexa lists but has no other notability than its spam, phishing and dishonesty...) You can compare this page: to the complaints against Tagged, for example: hope sooner or later enough people complain about Badoo, so that you can stop ignoring their voices in your superficial Googling of notable sources.Until then, original research and opinion should not be in the article. (talk) , 31 August 2009 (UTC) Blogs are not considered reliable sources on Wikipedia. Lumos3 (talk) , 31 August 2009 (UTC) I agree with Lumos3, blogs are not reliable sources because they are not editted.Just because "everyone knows it's true" does not mean everyone knows it's true.--TParis00ap (talk) , 30 August 2009 (UTC) I have no connection with Badoo and am not a member. Someone saying they recieved an email saying x is not a reliable source for an edit to an article. Some of their other hosting registrations and netblocks belong to another offshore company in Bermuda. Please look at the Wikipedia entries for offshore company and International Business Company (IBC). If, whoever wants to get the benefits and anonymity of operating as an offshore company, they might just have to live with the slight disadvantages of not being able to claim the prestige of their own country! If this is an issue then it must have been covered in the media somewhere. Any person can create a blog and type whatever they wish.Lumos3 (talk) , 30 August 2009 (UTC) Can someone please stop the British/London based madness already? Further, many virus' could spread spam like the Koobface one.Wikipedia can be more accurate than the Guardian and less easily fooled. Facebook and My Space are hit with similar attacks all the time.

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