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Adult pink chad

Doctors say there’s a difference, however, between annual checkups and scheduled screenings such as colonoscopies.The trend away from annual checkups comes as companies increasingly sponsor wellness programs that include blood draws, sometimes encouraging employee participation with lower insurance premiums. Chad Reade of Methodist Physicians Clinic said the health care system has improved at considering the risks associated with procedures and tests and not just the benefits. Kevin Nohner, past president of the Nebraska Medical Association, said that in medicine, one strategy doesn’t serve all.Doctors said if they find a potential problem they are bound to follow it with further tests.An elevated prostate-specific antigen test, or PSA, may lead to a biopsy of the prostate gland, for example.In each episode, Mail Snail delivers the Doodlebops a DVD sent by a child in need of help.The child is then turned into an animated character and sent to the bus to be a "Doodle for a Day".

Weeks said healthy patients in their 20s probably don’t need yearly checkups.

The annual checkup, once a mainstay of primary care, is viewed today by many doctors and medical organizations as unnecessary for healthy adults.

Local doctors say there are significant exceptions: Young children should be seen routinely to stay on their immunization schedules, and patients with chronic diseases should see their doctors regularly.

But he said it’s not a given that this improves prognosis compared with when a patient seeks the doctor because of symptoms.“There is also a risk of a battery of screening tests giving false positive results, or leading to work-up and treatment of abnormalities that are harmless and would have remained harmless,” Krogsboll wrote last week in an email.

Annual physicals may call for blood draws, urine tests and chest X-rays.

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Patients and doctors should focus instead on schedules for recommended tests and screens.

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