Adult cyber chat lines

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Adult cyber chat lines

Emoticons and acronyms can help you communicate better with people in cyberspace.

There are other ways of emphasizing your words when you type, like making them bold, italicized or by putting them between special characters like *asterisks*.

Also, double-check the list of people you are forwarding the message to make sure no one is on it who shouldn't be.

Don't Disturb Others When you are somewhere quiet, like a movie theater or a library, silence your phone's ringer to avoid disturbing other people.

You could lose your job if you accidentally forward some information to someone who wasn't supposed to know about it!

For some people, being anonymous in cyberspace becomes an excuse to behave rudely towards others.

If you are somewhere dark, try to avoid using your phone at all unless you want it to shine like a lighthouse.

Don't Be Distracted It's extremely dangerous to use a mobile device while driving and illegal in many states.

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You can find a list of common Emoticons here, including a rose @--/-- and a cup of coffee c["].

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