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Men also gain a bad reputation if they divorce their wives, but they do not lose ritual status if they remarry.For other groups Divorce involves much less stigma for women.Among the Magar, for instance, women who leave their husbands and remarry lose a few ritual privileges, but this is nothing compared to what happens to high-caste women. Most young couples live with the husband's parents for a number of years, usually until the father of the family dies.

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Eloping is mainly practiced among more impoverished families.

After marriage, couples typically live with the husband's extended family for a number of years.

However, beforehand there may be many tensions and status considerations within the household among brothers and their wives.

These conditions and the increasing need for household economic diversification often lead one of the brothers, with or without his wife, to seek employment or engage in trading outside the village, and sometimes outside the country, in order to provide cash and be able to act with a degree of autonomy.

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Cross-cousin marriage is not practiced among many groups such as the Sherpa and Hindu caste groups.

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