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Quotes from Mother Woman "Pregnant workers in the Commonwealth are being denied basic, temporary accommodations when they need them the most.The impact on the health of mothers and children, on our labor force, as well as the burden on our health care system are enormous.

Failure to accommodate pregnant women in the workplace can put their health in danger, in addition to the health of their babies," said Dr. Moore Simas, MD, MPH, MEd, FACOG, University of Massachusetts, Medical School/UMass Memorial Health Care Quote from Small Business Owner "When I started Dean's Beans Organic Coffee in 1993, I knew that the success of my business depended on the skills, health and happiness of my employees.

The Massachusetts Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA), will be introduced into the House and the Senate on Wednesday, by Senator Lovely, Rep. Rogers, to combat discrimination by ensuring that pregnant workers are not forced out of their jobs unnecessarily, or denied reasonable job modifications that would allow them to continue working and supporting their families.

This bill promotes the health and economic security of pregnant women, their babies, and their families without harming the economy.

I knew that employee loyalty translates to high-quality service and customer loyalty, and I knew that I want my businesses to contribute to vibrant, healthy communities," said Dean Cycon, owner of Dean's Beans in Orange.

"That's why I provide my employees with reasonable accommodations that they need during their pregnancies and why I am so pleased to see the MA State Legislature introduce the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, which will allow pregnant workers to receive basic accommodations that they need to maintain a healthy pregnancy and continue to be productive while on the job.

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"It's hard to believe it but employers are denying women these basic accommodations. Isn't that what we were taught in basic civics classes back in elementary school?

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