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52 reissue telecaster dating

Fender has since registered Nocaster as a trademark to denote its modern replicas of this famous rarity.

That hand-built prototype, an anonymous white guitar, had most of the features of what would become the Telecaster.Leo Fender's simple and modular design was geared to mass production and made servicing broken guitars easier.Guitars were not constructed individually, as in traditional luthiery.Produced in early to mid-1951, it was the result of legal action from the Gretsch company over the guitar's previous name, the Broadcaster (Gretsch already had the "Broadkaster" name registered for a line of drums).In the interim, before Fender had come up with an alternate name and printed appropriately revised headstock decals, factory workers simply snipped the "Broadcaster" name from its existing stock of decals, so guitars with these decals are identified simply as "Fender", without any model name.

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It was designed in the spirit of the solid-body Hawaiian guitars manufactured by Rickenbacker — small, simple units made of Bakelite and aluminum with the parts bolted together — but with wooden construction.

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