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Psychologist Dr Nisha Khanna says, “Texting back in nanoseconds isn't a good idea.

Don't keep on `liking', commenting on every post of your love interest. The feeling of love should simmer for a while if you want something longer and more permanent. You keep on checking his or her exes on the social media, compare yourself to them, and your mind gets on to a negative track before you know it.

Partners asking to unfriend exes is a huge turn-off!

It leads to heartbreak because the rejection also comes as many times.

“People shouldn't use their smartphones as a 24x7 singles bar.

But dating, in the digital age, is still nothing short of running the most puzzling maze ­and the turns are getting more twisted than ever. But in a digital age, those mistakes are an everyday affair, making love in the time of apps, a difficult space to negotiate.

Author Ellen Fein said in an interview a while earlier, “Everyone is accessible to everyone 24x7.

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People are finding it difficult to navigate the path of love, more than ever, in the digital age.

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