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2016 in peachtree record speed up updating

This document is divided into chapters to parallel the logical development of educational specifications: Note: Completion of the annotated outline and sample form for all five parts, together with public review, will produce the data needed to prepare a complete educational specifications document.

Complete documentation of all project requirements will help district and school staff respond to public comment on what is included in the project, what is not included, and why items were included or omitted.

Included in this list are the American Institute of Architects, California Council; the Coalition for Adequate School Housing; the Council of Educational Facilities Planners, International; and the California School Boards Association.

The list of individuals to be thanked includes past and present members of the Department of Education's School Facilities Planning Division who worked long and hard to develop the document and other Department employees who contributed information and comments. Special thanks are also extended to Anne Taylor, Educational Consultant, who reviewed the draft for conformance with current educational theory.

Included with those standards are requirements for the submittal of educational specifications.

(See the, Section 14030(a), as follows: Educational specifications for school design shall be prepared based on the district's goals, objectives, policies, and community input that determine the educational program and define the following: To implement the regulations and assist school districts in preparing educational specifications, the Department has provided two options for districts to consider when requesting plan approvals.

Educators must remain active in facility development and not delegate program decisions or interpretations to others.

An awareness is growing that a school facility may do more than simply house the instructional program. Educating our diverse student population presents challenges that can be met only by carefully defining each community's needs and designing a curriculum to meet those needs.

This is the accessible alternative version of the educational specifications is to help school districts develop specificaitons based on a fundamental principle of modern architecture: form follows function.

This is an Accessible Alternative Version of the publication Educational Specifications: Linking Design of School Facilities to Education Program (PDF;18MB).

The Adobe Acrobat Portable Document should be the preferred version for downloading.

This document was prepared by the School Facilities Planning Division, California Department of Education.

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Susan Lange Deputy Superintendent Department Management Services Branch Ann M.

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