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This is my very first wireless remote control prostate vibrator! I’ll also mention that it’s totally hands-free once it’s inserted. I’ve been on a mission to find the perfect device for this, for quite some time now. Walking around town with a prostate buzzing toy in my ass is one of my most erotic experiences to date. It had been a long time since they came out with something new and exciting for guys. I never really considered a toy that could be controlled from afar, mostly because it seemed pointless. Since I’m a tight ass, it just didn’t seem worth it. Having crammed more than a few toys up my ass over the years, I never realized what I was missing. UPDATE: In my opinion, there’s nothing more naughty than wearing an anal toy while out in public. Then, on August 25th, they were sitting on my front porch, ready for the big reveal. Disclaimer: the folks at were kind enough to send this toy to me, free of charge, for an honest review. As I mentioned earlier, this thing comes with a wireless remote control…a first for me.Plopped myself down on the bed and just relaxed for a few minutes, with the vibe on one of the lower settings.Once I was ready, I fired it back up to the up and down setting…pattern 5 that I discussed earlier. And they’re pretty damn intense when cranked up all the way!My asshole definitely stretched a bit to accommodate this bad boy. Best for guys that have had at least SOME experience with prostate play. Also, the technology has come a LONG way in the last decade. As it’s charging, there’s a small light right next to the power button. PRO TIP: for me, I get the most intense vibes when I’m laying on my back, with legs flat.

This was a really intense, and certainly unique, orgasm. It wasn’t like any orgasm I’ve had before, but it still felt fucking amazing. I waddled back to my bed, my innards still writhing with ecstasy.

When on the high setting, I literally feel the vibrations from my thighs all the way up to my upper abdomen.

Fucking awesome…I’m sure there are more powerful devices out there, but I have yet to encounter one.

It’s not visible if the light isn’t on, as it’s hidden underneath the silicone skin. Remove the cover with the supplied plastic “key.” If you lose the key, a coin will serve the same purpose. Without exception, I use water based lube with my silicone toys. But if you want something cheaper, Astroglide will work just fine. As a side benefit, the perineum vibrator makes optimal contact with the bottom of my ball sack. Just make sure the rubber plug for the charge port is secure before getting it wet.

It’s cheaper, but not nearly as slippery and luxurious. If you’ve made it this far into my review, you know that I absolutely LOVE this toy.

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